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What Moves You?


In the middle of your bustle of everyday activity, picking out the time and also drive regarding physical exercise could be tough. However, the mind and body need physical exercise. The benefits of bettering your health are well worth it.

So what kind of exercise should you do, what is best for you and your body? Everyone is born different and there is no set answer for this question. We encourage you to find the best way of health for you and your life. Many people choose walking and running to live a healthier lifestyle. There are so many benefits of these two exercises, ranging from increased physical fitness to an enhanced sense of well-being.

If you’ve ever tried running, walking or sprinting you will love this video we posted above. Not only will you get stronger physically when you start this exercise but you will benefit dramatically mentally also.

“The New York Times” states that runners tend to lose more weight compared to walkers, especially fat around the abdominal area.

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What are the reasons you exercise or stay healthy? Is it to relieve stress, better your health or for competition? Please tell us below what motivates you to exercise, where you exercise and why you exercise to better your daily health. Let’s change lives: #ChangeALife

“We are different, we see things differently, we see the world in a different way, we ignore the pain, we ignored the cold, we learned that running in circles doesn’t always mean finishing where you started, and that isolated paths aren’t lonely. We are the elites and the not so elites, we are runners, born to it, I guess you could say we are odd balls but we share a bond that is forged on the road from failure to triumph and back again and that makes us the same. These aren’t our excuses, but what are the reasons, what really moves us, what if there is something deeper, stronger moving us forward? what if we just think we know the reasons, what if the real reasons are not entirely our own? the human race starts with a story, this is yours”.


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