Have You Tried Orangetheory Fitness?

Have You Tried Orangetheory Fitness?


Have You Tried Orangetheory Fitness?


Exercise and your heart rate go hand-in-hand, but how hard should you be working to make a workout effective, without overdoing it?

The workout is called “Orangetheory Fitness“. It targets different heart rate zones, each represented by a rainbow of colors.

Everyone straps on a heart rate monitor. As people exercise, their numbers are displayed on the overhead screens.

Colors change when they reach a certain zone.

Most work is done in the moderate zone.

Trainers say if you reach the orange zone and stay there for a certain amount of time, your body will burn more calories even after your workout.

That theory is based on a science known as “epoc.”

Cardiologist Dr. Jyoti Sharma says, “epoc stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and that is really why we breathe faster after we\’ve had a period of strenuous activity. for several hours afterwards, you continue to have a really high metabolism and that\’s what turns into losing weight.”

With monitors, the trainers are able to make sure everyone\’s where they need to be.

My experience at Orangetheory Fitness.

I headed there a few minutes early as they requested so they could give me a tour of the studio and explain to me how things worked. The studio is brand new — opened just a few weeks ago — and it was clean and really pretty (I kinda have a thing for orange thanks to my high school colors).

After they gave me a heartrate monitor (mandatory for classes), we headed into the studio and first checked out the “gym” section:

As you can see, there are free weights, benches and some TRX systems.

Then we went over to the treadmills and rowing equipment.

The treadmills are probably the highest technology I’ve ever seen, super easy to configure! I also got a brief explanation about the workout (hopefully I don’t butcher it):

Basically, it’s a balance of cardio with weights and the idea is to get your heart in the “base” range, or around 78-80% as ideal, which is the fat-burning zone. They have these huge TVs throughout the studio you can see it in the corner in the picture above) that shows what your % so that you can make quick changes in real-time.

When you are running on the treadmill, you want the majority of it to be in the “base” range. There are times where you will go harder, and that’s OK — there’s a specific balance of how much time you want to spend in each “zone” throughout the class to get the biggest bang for the workout.

They also have a all of their classes built on ESP — Endurance, Speed or Power. So, the classes will differ based on that (apparently the “tornado” class that I joined is designed to be a little bit harder overall by switching things up and just pushing you a bit more).

After the tour, we headed back to the lobby area where there were people lined up (it looks like people try to get there early to start on their favored station).

The Verdict:

I loved the mix of running within the workout. I also loved that it worked a lot of muscles that I never focus on (arms) even though I always say I will.

It’s the kick in the butt that I need to get going! I am going to commit to two classes a week.

Checkout a local Orange Theory and try two free classes by clicking here.


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