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MYZONE, Virtual.Fit and IHRSA Featured Video 3 of 8.


Watch as Jarrod Saracco interviews one of the health industry leaders Dennis Dumas owner of Virtual.Fit

VIRTUAL.FIT is a technology solution bringing talented engaging programs and trainers into clubs across the world. Both LIVE one on one, group sessions and pre recorded on demand content is streamed into clubs and into the homes of their members. VIRTUAL.FIT is a club solution and is proven to grow revenue, increase retention and improve member engagement.

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Virtual.Fit will bring you the talented professionals you need and the engaging programs your members want. 

We know that qualified group instruction and great personal trainers are a vital part of your club’s offerings, but sometimes the right team can be hard to find. What if you could stream a diverse mix of certified coaches and instructional content for the benefit of your club’s members without the liability? With VIRTUAL.FIT, you can do that and a whole lot more.

We had the pleasure to experience the MYZONE booth at the IHRSA trade show during this interview. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing MYZONE at your health club we definitely recommend checking them out and adding both of these programs to your gym.

MYZONE was founded to solve the biggest issue in the fitness industry: people quitting because of lack of motivation and results. They strive to simplify fitness by providing users with the data needed to measure effort and reach goals. 

MYZONE is a chest strap monitoring system that tracks your heart rate, calories burned and effort accurately in real time. The technology gives you the insight you need to tailor your physical activity in order to achieve your fitness goals. MYZONE measures the effort exerted by your heart, which is the most accurate way to measure the intensity of your physical activity.

We experienced some great new technology this year at the IHRSA 2016 Health Show. We were very impressed with the technology of Virtual.Fit and MYZONE. After working years in the Health and Fitness Industry we can without a doubt recommend these two great new health products to any Health Club or Gym.

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