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Misconceptions, Misinformation and Tips to Help


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In this round table discussion we get into some of the misconceptions and misinformation we always hear and what you can do to help with them. Its hard to keep it all straight and we do our best to keep it simple, bring it back to the basics.

Welcome to our first episode. We thank you for taking the time to check it out. In this episode we cover some of the biggest misconceptions we see in health, wellness, performance and nutrition. We give ideas of what we all see and how we think you could fix it. We also answer the ‘Clinically Pressed’ questions that we will ask each guest. Show notes and links below.

-CP Crew

Show Notes:

Intro Video filming, editing and making it all around awesome done by Justin Joy

0:40-Welcome to Clinically Pressed

0:50-Introductions: Joel, AJ, Kyle

1:22-Misuse of training programs for fitness goals (AJ)

1:44-Strength training to lose weight instead of cardio? (AJ)

2:42-”Why Do We Measure Success with a Scale?” -TAT Article (AJ/JL)

4:57-’Skinny Fat’: What is it and how does it happen? (AJ)

6:46-You can still do your aerobic training. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket and know your goals. (AJ)

7:49-StrongFirst certification at the ATP Fitness Conference (India) (JL)

8:48: Direct relationship to the amount of fat free body mass you have and the amount of calories you burn. (AJ/JL)

11:14: Calories In vs. Calories Out-Is it really that simple? Not quite. (JL) TAT Calories Article

12:26 The guy who started ‘saturated fat ‘ is bad: Ancel Keys and the ‘Seven Countries’ study. AJ breaks down how it works and a calorie comparison. (JL/AJ)

13:06: ‘Fed Up’ the documentary (JL)

14:02: Core stability misconception-What does it all mean and how do you train it? (KB)

15:16: Best way to train the core. (KB)

15:40: Exercises to train breathing and start working on the foundation of your ‘core’ (KB)

17:15: 3 ‘core’ or ‘ab’ exercises you should avoid: Crunches (replace with dead bugs), Front Planks (too many bad things could happen, replace with side planks if able). (KB)

17:31: T-Nation: “What’s the best exercise to get a six-pack? Try 5 sets of stop eating so much crap.”

18:35: Form is everything. Do it right for a few reps than doing it semi-right for many reps. (KB)

19:18: Article ‘The Core’

19:21: Word from sponsors…..crickets, crickets, crickets….let us know if you’re interested, we are. (JL/AJ/KB) We sponsor us so check out Total Athletic Therapy and Coulee Health

21:54: The camera guy had to help create a standing desk….we might have stressed his back a little much…thankfully he made it through and we know a guy who could fix him. (KB)

22:53: Technology doesn’t solve everything. Specifically shoes (and we are all for hipsters, all natural and no shoes, just saying) (JL)

23:55: Changing running style-POSE Running Website. Book. (JL)

26:16: You can sit down, like everything it is all moderation. (JL/AJ)

27:03: Buying or building your own standing desk (JL)
-Walmart Option: This ONE plus this ONE x2

27:45: Standing and checking your pelvic position (KB)

28:10: The Clinically Pressed Questions

28:15: Top 3 take home tips, twitter version or main ‘asks’ of audience.

28:34: Focus on strength training
28:56: “If you’re going to overeat on anything, let it be protein”-AJ
Just kidding

29:42: Breathe with your diaphragm
30:11: Lacking mobility and working intentionally to get it back
30:47: Focus on proper form. Perfect form for lower sets is better than ok for a lot

31:22: “Make your battle stance your everyday stance” -Sun Tzu (Art of War)
31:53: The resting state of the human body should be pain free
32:08: Think the opposite of what you believe and challenge your beliefs
32:26: Get a stand up desk (I cheated and put a 4th in). And how many calories it burns (marathons people, no joke HERE is the calculator)

32:57: Most influential fitness purchase for under $100

33:05: Foam Roller (Basic & Trigger Point) and Mobility Guides-Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity (FREE Guides)

34:05: Everything to make Bulletproof Coffee
-Bulletproof Beans
-XCT Oil
-KerryGold Butter
-Video: How to Make It

34:48: Foam Roller again (TAT Mobility Pack on the Right)
Kyle also recommend a Kettlebell but it got cut in production.

35:25: What would you tell yourself in either your training or education if you could go back 10 years?

35:30: Layout your priorities and based on those, set your goals, enjoy the ride.

36:56: Don’t ignore the recovery part of your program.

38:41: No quick fix, don’t buy so many random supplements, they don’t usually help.
39:19: Study sooner than later.
39:37: “Just F*ing Do it” -Dan Pena via London Real

40:04: That closes it up.
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