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Golf Fitness Programs are not a Fad anymore


There was a time when great golfers took pride in the fact that they have never set foot inside a gym. But things have changed drastically and today, you need to have a very high level of fitness to be a champion golfer. However, it is not enough to be a member of a renowned gym to boast about your fitness for the game of golf. There are many gyms with special trainers to look after fitness levels of golfers. There are also gyms running special golf fitness programs for amateurs and professionals. If some people earlier thought that it was only a fad that would end soon, these golfing fitness programs have proved that they are here to stay.

Whether or not you subscribe to this theory of golf fitness program, one thing is true and that is the fact that enrolling in such a program will help in improving your fitness. How much it helps you in becoming a better golf player is something that is debatable. But the proponents of these programs say that golfing enthusiasts participating in these fitness programs have reported an improvement in their golfing skills that are tied to agility and reflexes. They say that they have been able to achieve a better swing and an improved range of shots after undergoing exercises and weight lifting regime spelt out by coaches in these golf fitness programs.

If you are a fan of golf, a weekend player with friends or if you’re aiming at being a professional, there is no harm in enrolling in a fitness program especially formulated for golfers. You are not taught golfing skills in these programs but your body gains strength and flexibility to help you improve your range of shots. No one claims that enrolling in a golf fitness program will; make you an elite player but they do say that you develop strength and stamina and also play longer without sustaining injuries. There are also programs that say that you are better able to focus upon your game after training for some time under a golf fitness program.

There are many golf players who confess that they have been able to hit the ball 10-20 yards farther after participating in a golf fitness program. There are also players who say they take much less recovery time after a round of golf. You can also explain your shortcomings or weaknesses to the coach to customize the program according to your needs.

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